Monday, 9 September 2013

Smitten Towers

GoodMorning you lovely people,just look at this fabulous collection of pretties i managed to snaffle at Smitten Towers last week in Bristol,aren't they just scrummy !!!!!
I was a wee bit worried as my silly back had been playing up and i didn't know whether i would be able to make the Open day,but with a lot of help from lovely Hubby and my meds we set off on Wednesday down the motorway.We had gorgeous weather all the way and on arriving at our hotel decided a little alcoholic refreshment was in order,oopsie,after sitting in the lovely beergarden and swigging a few shandy's i thought i might have a little lie down lol (such a light weight ).

Next morning filled with anticipation and several coffee's we ventured forth to find Smitten Towers,after a couple of wrong turns and some very rude drivers (wow those southerners can swear ) lol we arrived at a beautiful Georgian House.Hubby had managed to find a parking space near by which was a feat in itself as blimey there's just soooooo many cars,and off we trotted up the lovely drive to present ourselves !!!Now this beautiful house is split into apartment's so when we got to the door we had to press a buzzer and announce ourselves,this done we proceeded into a wonderful hall with the most fantastic staircase.
Now Picture the scene i am hobbling up the stairs balancing a tin full of fresh raspberry cake and my huge handbag to be met by squeals from above "Is that our Lucy"and there they were Claire and her lovely Mum coming down the stairs to meet me Oooooo heaven !!!
After much bouncing on my part and hugs and lovely welcomes we proceed in to a fabulous home with huge high ceilings and grand big windows,full and i mean crammed to the rafters with beautiful things.................wooohoooo,people meeting me with smiles and open arms (i think they were after my cake) It was just soooooooooooooo wonderful to put faces to these people i have been "talking" to for 12 months,i was quite overcome and had to sit down (might have been the stairs) Of course we all talked at once and much giggling and laughing was done.
Then down to business of buying beautiful items..................................oh wow i wish i had more money the beads and pretties went on and on,and then i went into Claire's bead room,oh dear it was amazing row upon row of gorgeous beads and ribbon and findings and crystals it was just fabulous.

So there you go,i had a wonderful time " down South " and it was incredible to meet up with these amazingly talented ladies who are all so kind and funny thanks girls xxxx

Now then i have to get on with the Autumn Deign Challenge this week as the Wild Girl and her family are here next week and i will be so busy with them i don't think a lot of beading will be happening.However i now have the challenge pack and will take some pics later to show you the fabulous things i will be working with.

Love hugs and everything else Ramble Bunny xxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. I am so jealous, but excited to meet you when the time comes, sounds like you had an amazing time xx

  2. Hello lovely Lucy, it was a such a pleasure to meet you and Harry. Thank you so much for making the journey and for the Raspberry cake and the Rocky Road, very much enjoyed by all especially my husband Auri (he keeps trying to tell me he doesn't have a sweet tooth!). I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit, I hope you will come again next year :) xx