Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Spring Fever !!!!!

Oh dear me as usual at Faerystone Castle nothing but nothing goes right,honestly i think i must have been Attilla the Hun in a previous life and am now paying for all my past wrong doings !!!!!!!
Not long ago i was lucky enough to win a place on the Fabulous Spring Design Challenge and was sent the most beautiful artisan beads and ribbon from Lesley,Claire and Caroline.Marvelous i thought beautiful pretties and lots of time to play with them..................................yeah right !!!!

So what went wrong i hear you cry (well i'm nearly crying) here is the list of problems.

1 No mojo (no not a bloody jot)
2 For some reason thought it was a May reveal (Doh)
4 Eventually find and make 4 items then  takes pics and prepares to blog yesterday................CAMERA LOCKS UP AND WILL NOT GIVE ME PICTURES ARGHAAAAA
5 Dog ate my seriously i had hung my necklace made with the fabulous flower pendant from Lesley Watt on the door handle and my horrid little Jack Russel has eaten it along with the beautiful ribbon from Smitten Beads (she is in such disgrace)
6 Go to take pics with my poopy old camera and its sun cloud sun cloud sun cloud RAIN argaaaaa poop.

So now i have 3 pieces to show you not 4 and the pics are not what i wanted and i havent got a before pic,hangs head in sorry ladies but here is what i have salvaged and if anyone wants me i'm the large person rocking in a corner swigging from a bottle of gin and pulling my hair out lol

Blush Pink

Beautiful ceramic beads by THEAElements with my fave little green beads from Smitten beads and some gorgeous dangles from THEAElements very spring like


Tiny palest pink bird from Blueberribeads with hand crafted fancy chain by Faerystone (thats me lol) shell pink pearls simple and very pretty

This fabulous bird by Blueberri beads was just so delicate and pretty i wanted to accent how fine it was so i mixed a few little ruby coloured crystals and pearls with a very fine twisted link chain from Faerystone and hopefully its worked

So there you have it my Spring Fever challenge i seem to have gone very girly and feminine which is totally not me,but i do hope i have done these beautiful pretties justice if you will excuse me i'm going for a lie down,do pop over and see all the other gorgeous creations from these talented ladies............xxxxxxxx

Caroline Dewison - 
Erin Prais – Hintz –