Thursday, 22 August 2013

I'm So Excited

Morning lovely people,well as you can tell by the title,i am so excited (and i just can't hide it) lol.An amazing thing has happened not only have i won a place on the wonderful Autumn Design Challenge,hosted by THEA Elements and Blueberribeads but so have two
 of my lovely friends from my magic bead club Bead Smitten,Janine Lucas and Julie Sumner,how fab is that !!!!!!!

We have all been conflabbing about how and what we are going to do,and we haven't even got our beads yet hahahahahaah.
Janine's beadwork is amazing and Julie's BoHo jewellery is stunning and yet we are all so nervous about it (and excited) anyhoo watch this space i shall probably be asking for HELP !!!

Other news from Faerystone Castle,well September is going to be WONDERFUL and thats official,my gorgeous daughter "Wild girl and my 2 beautiful grandchildren My Heart and the Diva (oh and the son in law) are coming over from the USA for a couple of weeks,oooo can't wait i miss them all soooo much (yep even the son in law)

Also on September the 5th i am going down to Bristol to an Open Day at Smitten Beads.I really am looking forward to meeting some of my FB friends there,although i am a little apprehensive aswell,what if they don't like me? what if i fall over ? oh god !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before i go i just wanted to show you this pic of a necklace i made which is winging (sorry) its way to the Netherlands as we speak,its a gorgeous Bo Hulley Angel Wing with a beautiful lampwork bead by Flame and Glass hung on a delicate sterling silver chain, and i loved making it.

Love hugs and everything else a very excited and happy Ramble Bunny xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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