Tuesday, 25 February 2014

New beginings and a new challenge

Ooooooo i know i've been naughty not posting for ages but i've had a few personal problems,(which we wont go into) I have all sorts of exciting things going on ......................Ooo you say do tell !!! Ok then here goes,for a while now i have been playing with wire and metal and i LOVE it and for some reason it seems to like me (yay) soooooo i thought i would start to make my own findings and connectors and even my own chain (wow) but then my lovely friend Lindsay got involved and said that i needed to open an Etsy shop (Arghaaaaa scary) and sell my bits and bobs (even more scarey) so thats

what i'm about to do eek i'm so excited!!!!!!WATCH THIS SPACE     The other thing i wanted to show you was a fabulous new challenge that i am hoping to do,its by these lovely ladies
Ooooo i really really want to do this challenge as i have lost my mojo a wee bit recently and need something to kick start it again.Look at all the gorgeous beads and colours,all by these wonderfull and very talented ladies.(Do you think i have grovelled enough lol. Anyhoo these are just a few of the things i am hoping to do and i promise not to be such a " billy no mates" and try and blog more and more,love hugs and everything else Ramble Bunny xxxx