Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Autumn Design Challenge (I'm late I'm late,for a very important date)

Hello hello i know i know i haven't blogged for ages,but i have had a fabulous excuse,my daughter and grandchildren have been over from the USA yay.So i have been having lots of cuddles and chats.

Anyhoo lets get on,a little while ago i was over the moon to find out that i had been accepted on the Autumn Design Challenge blog hop WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO i was doing my happy dance all over the place !!! Then when i found out 2 of my friends from the Bead Smitten group Janine Lucas and Julie Sumner were also doing it ..............well there was happy dancing all over lol.
This is organised by the lovely Lesley Watt from THEAElements and the gorgeous Caroline Dewison from Blueberribeads and we get to use their fabulous creations in our designs wow wow wow.

So here we go.....Wednesday 2nd October 2013 Autumn Design Challenge

These are the beautiful pretties i received....

Oooooo i was so excited aren't they just gorgeous

Well i started with that gorgeous mauve bead from Blueberribeads,and i thought of misty mornings and damsons and plums (always food lol) and this is what i came up with
Everything in this necklace apart from the gorgeous Blueberribead is from the lovely Clare at Smitten Beads,check out those huge crystals fab.

So then i picked out the gorgeous purpley bronze connector from THEAElements mmmmm autumn hazy purple skies with flashes of turquoise.
I wanted to keep this simple as i think the bar speaks for itself,i made my own bronze chain and hook and again the pretty flowers are from Smitten Beads

Oh and then this fabulous bronze bird from THEAElements hmmmmm now i'm not very good with pendants but this is such a cutie i decided to make him a hedgerow birdie,so out came the crochet hook and some gorgeous antique copper wire and off i went
Again mostly Smitten Beads here but there are some gorgeous pearls and crystals from my stash and if you look closely there's a wee verdigris bead from Claire at Something to do and a gorgeous little acorn i have been saving from THEAElements,and a gorgeous coffee coloured enamelled clasp from Faith at Abyjem.

And so to my final piece the little white birdy with his gorgeous pale green beads from Blueberribeads,Oooooo now what can i i thought of misty autumn mornings when the frost is on the ground and the green is just peeking through
So this is what i made lol, gorgeous Bluberribeads and white birdie with faceted green quatz,rose quartz and a cluster of mini quartz's rose, amethyst ,peridot, smokey and crystal finished off with a beautiful little pinecone from my friend Pippa Chandler at Pips,Ooo and my own hook !!!!

So there you go,i am so sorry the pics are a bit poop,i took loads yesterday when the light was good and they were lovely,but my horrid camera decided it didnt want to give me them arghhhhhhhh so 
darling hubby rushed out this morning and bought me another (gorgeous man) but of course there is absolutely no light whatsoever this morning,done my best i do hope you like them all,I have loved making them and many many thanks to Lesley and Caroline for letting me xxxxxxxxxx

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