Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Spring Fever !!!!!

Oh dear me as usual at Faerystone Castle nothing but nothing goes right,honestly i think i must have been Attilla the Hun in a previous life and am now paying for all my past wrong doings !!!!!!!
Not long ago i was lucky enough to win a place on the Fabulous Spring Design Challenge and was sent the most beautiful artisan beads and ribbon from Lesley,Claire and Caroline.Marvelous i thought beautiful pretties and lots of time to play with them..................................yeah right !!!!

So what went wrong i hear you cry (well i'm nearly crying) here is the list of problems.

1 No mojo (no not a bloody jot)
2 For some reason thought it was a May reveal (Doh)
4 Eventually find and make 4 items then  takes pics and prepares to blog yesterday................CAMERA LOCKS UP AND WILL NOT GIVE ME PICTURES ARGHAAAAA
5 Dog ate my seriously i had hung my necklace made with the fabulous flower pendant from Lesley Watt on the door handle and my horrid little Jack Russel has eaten it along with the beautiful ribbon from Smitten Beads (she is in such disgrace)
6 Go to take pics with my poopy old camera and its sun cloud sun cloud sun cloud RAIN argaaaaa poop.

So now i have 3 pieces to show you not 4 and the pics are not what i wanted and i havent got a before pic,hangs head in sorry ladies but here is what i have salvaged and if anyone wants me i'm the large person rocking in a corner swigging from a bottle of gin and pulling my hair out lol

Blush Pink

Beautiful ceramic beads by THEAElements with my fave little green beads from Smitten beads and some gorgeous dangles from THEAElements very spring like


Tiny palest pink bird from Blueberribeads with hand crafted fancy chain by Faerystone (thats me lol) shell pink pearls simple and very pretty

This fabulous bird by Blueberri beads was just so delicate and pretty i wanted to accent how fine it was so i mixed a few little ruby coloured crystals and pearls with a very fine twisted link chain from Faerystone and hopefully its worked

So there you have it my Spring Fever challenge i seem to have gone very girly and feminine which is totally not me,but i do hope i have done these beautiful pretties justice if you will excuse me i'm going for a lie down,do pop over and see all the other gorgeous creations from these talented ladies............xxxxxxxx

Caroline Dewison - 
Erin Prais – Hintz –

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

New beginings and a new challenge

Ooooooo i know i've been naughty not posting for ages but i've had a few personal problems,(which we wont go into) I have all sorts of exciting things going on ......................Ooo you say do tell !!! Ok then here goes,for a while now i have been playing with wire and metal and i LOVE it and for some reason it seems to like me (yay) soooooo i thought i would start to make my own findings and connectors and even my own chain (wow) but then my lovely friend Lindsay got involved and said that i needed to open an Etsy shop (Arghaaaaa scary) and sell my bits and bobs (even more scarey) so thats

what i'm about to do eek i'm so excited!!!!!!WATCH THIS SPACE     The other thing i wanted to show you was a fabulous new challenge that i am hoping to do,its by these lovely ladies
Ooooo i really really want to do this challenge as i have lost my mojo a wee bit recently and need something to kick start it again.Look at all the gorgeous beads and colours,all by these wonderfull and very talented ladies.(Do you think i have grovelled enough lol. Anyhoo these are just a few of the things i am hoping to do and i promise not to be such a " billy no mates" and try and blog more and more,love hugs and everything else Ramble Bunny xxxx

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Autumn Design Challenge (I'm late I'm late,for a very important date)

Hello hello i know i know i haven't blogged for ages,but i have had a fabulous excuse,my daughter and grandchildren have been over from the USA yay.So i have been having lots of cuddles and chats.

Anyhoo lets get on,a little while ago i was over the moon to find out that i had been accepted on the Autumn Design Challenge blog hop WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO i was doing my happy dance all over the place !!! Then when i found out 2 of my friends from the Bead Smitten group Janine Lucas and Julie Sumner were also doing it ..............well there was happy dancing all over lol.
This is organised by the lovely Lesley Watt from THEAElements and the gorgeous Caroline Dewison from Blueberribeads and we get to use their fabulous creations in our designs wow wow wow.

So here we go.....Wednesday 2nd October 2013 Autumn Design Challenge

These are the beautiful pretties i received....

Oooooo i was so excited aren't they just gorgeous

Well i started with that gorgeous mauve bead from Blueberribeads,and i thought of misty mornings and damsons and plums (always food lol) and this is what i came up with
Everything in this necklace apart from the gorgeous Blueberribead is from the lovely Clare at Smitten Beads,check out those huge crystals fab.

So then i picked out the gorgeous purpley bronze connector from THEAElements mmmmm autumn hazy purple skies with flashes of turquoise.
I wanted to keep this simple as i think the bar speaks for itself,i made my own bronze chain and hook and again the pretty flowers are from Smitten Beads

Oh and then this fabulous bronze bird from THEAElements hmmmmm now i'm not very good with pendants but this is such a cutie i decided to make him a hedgerow birdie,so out came the crochet hook and some gorgeous antique copper wire and off i went
Again mostly Smitten Beads here but there are some gorgeous pearls and crystals from my stash and if you look closely there's a wee verdigris bead from Claire at Something to do and a gorgeous little acorn i have been saving from THEAElements,and a gorgeous coffee coloured enamelled clasp from Faith at Abyjem.

And so to my final piece the little white birdy with his gorgeous pale green beads from Blueberribeads,Oooooo now what can i i thought of misty autumn mornings when the frost is on the ground and the green is just peeking through
So this is what i made lol, gorgeous Bluberribeads and white birdie with faceted green quatz,rose quartz and a cluster of mini quartz's rose, amethyst ,peridot, smokey and crystal finished off with a beautiful little pinecone from my friend Pippa Chandler at Pips,Ooo and my own hook !!!!

So there you go,i am so sorry the pics are a bit poop,i took loads yesterday when the light was good and they were lovely,but my horrid camera decided it didnt want to give me them arghhhhhhhh so 
darling hubby rushed out this morning and bought me another (gorgeous man) but of course there is absolutely no light whatsoever this morning,done my best i do hope you like them all,I have loved making them and many many thanks to Lesley and Caroline for letting me xxxxxxxxxx

So now you have seen my creations why dont you hop (ha ha) over to all the other lovely ladies and see what they have made

lesley watt
Caroline Dewison
Gay Messander
Sue Rennie

Heidi Post
Janet Bocciardi
Dolores Raml
Pine Ridge Treasures
Shirley Moore
Tracy Collins
Melissa Trudinger
Toltec Jewels
Judith Johnston
Janine Lucas
Madeline Bunyan
Chic and Frog
Julie Sumner

Monday, 9 September 2013

Smitten Towers

GoodMorning you lovely people,just look at this fabulous collection of pretties i managed to snaffle at Smitten Towers last week in Bristol,aren't they just scrummy !!!!!
I was a wee bit worried as my silly back had been playing up and i didn't know whether i would be able to make the Open day,but with a lot of help from lovely Hubby and my meds we set off on Wednesday down the motorway.We had gorgeous weather all the way and on arriving at our hotel decided a little alcoholic refreshment was in order,oopsie,after sitting in the lovely beergarden and swigging a few shandy's i thought i might have a little lie down lol (such a light weight ).

Next morning filled with anticipation and several coffee's we ventured forth to find Smitten Towers,after a couple of wrong turns and some very rude drivers (wow those southerners can swear ) lol we arrived at a beautiful Georgian House.Hubby had managed to find a parking space near by which was a feat in itself as blimey there's just soooooo many cars,and off we trotted up the lovely drive to present ourselves !!!Now this beautiful house is split into apartment's so when we got to the door we had to press a buzzer and announce ourselves,this done we proceeded into a wonderful hall with the most fantastic staircase.
Now Picture the scene i am hobbling up the stairs balancing a tin full of fresh raspberry cake and my huge handbag to be met by squeals from above "Is that our Lucy"and there they were Claire and her lovely Mum coming down the stairs to meet me Oooooo heaven !!!
After much bouncing on my part and hugs and lovely welcomes we proceed in to a fabulous home with huge high ceilings and grand big windows,full and i mean crammed to the rafters with beautiful things.................wooohoooo,people meeting me with smiles and open arms (i think they were after my cake) It was just soooooooooooooo wonderful to put faces to these people i have been "talking" to for 12 months,i was quite overcome and had to sit down (might have been the stairs) Of course we all talked at once and much giggling and laughing was done.
Then down to business of buying beautiful items..................................oh wow i wish i had more money the beads and pretties went on and on,and then i went into Claire's bead room,oh dear it was amazing row upon row of gorgeous beads and ribbon and findings and crystals it was just fabulous.

So there you go,i had a wonderful time " down South " and it was incredible to meet up with these amazingly talented ladies who are all so kind and funny thanks girls xxxx

Now then i have to get on with the Autumn Deign Challenge this week as the Wild Girl and her family are here next week and i will be so busy with them i don't think a lot of beading will be happening.However i now have the challenge pack and will take some pics later to show you the fabulous things i will be working with.

Love hugs and everything else Ramble Bunny xxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 22 August 2013

I'm So Excited

Morning lovely people,well as you can tell by the title,i am so excited (and i just can't hide it) lol.An amazing thing has happened not only have i won a place on the wonderful Autumn Design Challenge,hosted by THEA Elements and Blueberribeads but so have two
 of my lovely friends from my magic bead club Bead Smitten,Janine Lucas and Julie Sumner,how fab is that !!!!!!!

We have all been conflabbing about how and what we are going to do,and we haven't even got our beads yet hahahahahaah.
Janine's beadwork is amazing and Julie's BoHo jewellery is stunning and yet we are all so nervous about it (and excited) anyhoo watch this space i shall probably be asking for HELP !!!

Other news from Faerystone Castle,well September is going to be WONDERFUL and thats official,my gorgeous daughter "Wild girl and my 2 beautiful grandchildren My Heart and the Diva (oh and the son in law) are coming over from the USA for a couple of weeks,oooo can't wait i miss them all soooo much (yep even the son in law)

Also on September the 5th i am going down to Bristol to an Open Day at Smitten Beads.I really am looking forward to meeting some of my FB friends there,although i am a little apprehensive aswell,what if they don't like me? what if i fall over ? oh god !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before i go i just wanted to show you this pic of a necklace i made which is winging (sorry) its way to the Netherlands as we speak,its a gorgeous Bo Hulley Angel Wing with a beautiful lampwork bead by Flame and Glass hung on a delicate sterling silver chain, and i loved making it.

Love hugs and everything else a very excited and happy Ramble Bunny xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Two Huge Thankyou's a Big Sorry And a Lovely Challenge

Hello its me again,oh my god your thinking she's going to be on every hour,hahahahahahhaah not quite but i do need to get these things out of the way and then i can go and play with my beads>

Two Huge Thankyou's

I cant tell you how grateful i am to the lovely Lesley Watts and the fabulous Pippa Chandler if it wasn't for them you probably wouldn't be seeing this post ( no you cant blame them you clicked on it) I was so proud of myself for writing and posting this blog and had sat back quite smug,when a lovely friend (Claire Braunbarth from Smitten Bead oopsie slipped that in again ) said to me ermmm lovely RB but where's the follow button.................................What the ....... is a follow button so by now you are getting the idea how much of a plonk i can be with this sort of thing!!!!
After faffing about on google and blogspot for what seemed hours and screaming at my poor little lap top...................where's your dashboard ? ahem and various expletives i needed to call in the big guns.
So i shouted to Lesley on Bead Smitten and both she and Pippa answered,giving me very simple and detailed instructions (they both know how much of a numpty i am) on how to get a follow buton,so there it is on the right waiting for you to click on it. ..........................go on you know you want to!!!!

A Big Sorry

If you have read my previous post you will see that i forgot (hangs head in shame) to include my children in the info about me,and as my daughter said ..."Nice Mother " i thought i had better resolve it or they will never forgive me.
My son who is 33 (The Boy) my daughter who is 30(The Wild Girl) my Grandson who is 11(My Heart) my granddaughter who is 2 (The Diva) and last but certainly not least my mum who is 89(Little Mum).
SORRY SORRY SORRY hope that's sorted that.

The Challenge
Photo: So then...who fancies joining Caroline and I for a bit of a challenge with some bargain art beads...

Go on you know you want to...

Now this is the challenge i want to do i hope i have posted it ok,look at all the gorgeous beads and pretties i neeeeeeeeed to i want to,oh dear sorry got a little carried away there.But if any of you lovely people would like to have a go at this challenge i promise not to growl at you (well not much lol)

So there we go hopefully you will be able to follow me now and hopefully the children will speak to me again,love hugs and everything else Ramble Bunny xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 16 August 2013

I have no idea what i'm doing

Well here goes,a lot of my friends and family have told me i should write a blog,oh dear god whats one of those i reply,knowing me as they do and knowing how absolutely useless at anything technical i am i was shocked that they though i could do it (think they were too really)But here goes,now if i get anything wrong i will expect all you clever peeps to sort me out.

About Me

Oooooo how horrid to have to talk about ones self (and why do i suddenly sound like the queen lol)
Ok so my name is Lucy (Ramble Bunny to you) and i live in a small village in the wonderful county of Lancashire.Yep i'm from "Up North" I live with My Hubby and two terrors (terriers) and one cat in a little semi facing the village green.
I have always worked in catering up and even had my own little business up until a few years ago when i had a really bad fall damaging my spine.This stopped me from working and so i had to find something else to keep me sane (well sort of).

What I Do

Soooooo a couple of years ago i found BEADS woohoo and jewellery making yay and i LOVE IT.I started off like most people stringing a few bits and bobs on to wire,getting my information from books, you tube,and the local bead shop.Then i was invited to join a fabulous bead group called Bead Smitten WOW WOW WOW i have never looked back, so much info so much laughter and so many wonderful people,my jewellery has taken on a life of its own and i am learning more and more every day.

What I Will Blog About

I have know idea anything everything,Hubby, dogs, the cat, my children (oh yes i forgot about them) silly things, serious things and of course BEADS ,whatever my daft brain comes up with lol .

Sooooo come a long with me on this new adventure it should be FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

Love hugs and everything else Ramble Bunny xxxxxxxxxxxx